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Merry Christmas
and Happy 2019 Year

Frohe Weihnachten und
ein glueckliches 2019 Jahr!

We are pleased to announce that

United Transport Company & COLI Schiffahrt & Transport GmbH & Co. KG will form a Joint Venture as from 01st October 2017. UTC St. Petersburg and COLI Group Hamburg are working on a case by case basis for more than 2 decades. Recently this cooperation was strengthened, and a basic agreement was reached to cooperate in a more exclusive way.

The partners

United Transport Company (UTC), St. Petersburg was established in 2003 as agent and broker with main focus on transport support of Russian export of electric power plant equipment, technical goods and import of containerized cargoes. UTC offers multipurpose service for customers in dependence on clients actual requirements.
The COLI Group was established in 1974 as agent and broker with a main focus on project cargo and break bulk. Later on COLI expanded and founded first COLI Project Cargo GmbH, one of the Group Carriers since 1988 and in 2006 ABB Asia Breakbulk (Singapore) Ltd, with regular sailing continent to far east and vice versa. The COLI Group has representations and offices in Europe and in Asia as well as in the Americas.
With this new established Joint Venture we are more than confident to serve our mutual clients in a tailor made way.

HAFEN HAMBURG, August 2018
BALTIC SEA, August 2017
Russian Federation, 198095, Saint Petersburg,
Mitrophnievskoe shosse, Bld.2/1, BC Admiral, Office 472-473
Telephone: +7(812)4382827; Fax: +7(812)4382825
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